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3350 | Acceptable Use of Technology Policy

Date Approved: February 14 2012
Date Reviewed/Amended: March 07 2017


The Board of Education acknowledges the potential of technology to enhance communications and learning in schools, the school community, and the district’s working environments. Accordingly, the Board supports the safe and appropriate use of technology, including governing the use of technology by students, staff, and trustees, parents, volunteers, and the community.



The Board encourages acceptable, ethical, responsible and legal use of all district and personal technology by users. Such use will be consistent with this policy and other district policies including the District Code of Conduct, school rules and codes of conduct, the School Act, and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.


The Board acknowledges the need to protect the integrity of school and working environments and ensure the safety, security and privacy of students, staff, trustees, and other users.


The Board has designed this policy to reflect the dynamic and evolving nature of technology. However, due to the continual change that occurs in technology, this policy and its associated regulation(s) are to should be reviewed on a regular basis.


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