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1210 | Student Registration and Catchment Area (Elementary) Policy

Date Approved: January 11 2011
Date Reviewed/Amended: March 12 2019


It is in the best interest of students that enrolment in schools and assignment to programs occur in a systematic, equitable and educationally beneficial fashion.  There must be a balance between school attendance based on designated catchment areas and attendance at a school, for good reasons, as a non-catchment child.


School district students are generally expected to attend their neighbourhood school according to catchment areas defined by the Board of Education. 

As outlined in the School Act, Sections 74.1, 75 and 75.1, students will be enrolled in schools and assigned to programs with respect to age, school catchment area, residence location, statutory entitlement, and the availability of space, facilities and instructional resources.  The catchment areas are defined by the Board and may be amended as provided by Section 75.1 (2) of the School Act

Space permitting, students may attend a school outside their catchment area.  Parents or guardians may request a cross-boundary transfer for their elementary student or students to attend another school in accordance with district regulations. 

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