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4110-65 | Emergency Preparedness - Extended Power or Natural Gas Outage

Date Approved: November 16 2015
Date Reviewed/Amended: November 16 2015

School Closures and Early Dismissal

If there is a loss of heat or power during the school day, the Principal will:

  • Consult with the Director of Operations to confirm the expected duration of the outage; and
  • If the outage is expected to last more than 1 hour, consult with the Superintendent to determine if the school should implement early dismissal.


All Decisions About School Closures Will Be Made By The Superintendent.


Facility Precautions

In the event of an extended power loss to a facility or to the district certain precautionary measures should be taken depending on the geographical location and environment of the facility.

(Please note: It is unusual but not impossible for the temperatures in Prince Rupert and surrounding areas to go below freezing. There have been documented landslides in the past 10 years that cut off power to Prince Rupert and Port Edward for more than 7 days.)

  • Unnecessary electrical equipment and appliances should be turned off and unplugged to avoid power restoration causing surge damage to electronics and affecting sensitive equipment.

In the event of freezing temperatures, the Operations Department will ensure building systems and infrastructure are monitored and protected as necessary, paying particular attention to systems and equipment that may be damaged by freezing temperatures.


Upon restoration of heat and power:

  • Electronic equipment should be brought up to ambient temperatures before energizing to prevent condensate forming on circuitry.
  • The Operations Department will check fire and potable water piping for leaks from freeze damage after the heat has been restored to the facility and before water is turned back on.

4110 - - Emergency Preparedness Policy