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4110-60 | Emergency Preparedness - Medical Emergency Response

Date Approved: November 16 2015
Date Reviewed/Amended: October 28 2019

Call medical emergency phone number 9-1-1 for

  • Ambulance and
  • Fire Department.

Provide the following Information:

  1. Nature of medical emergency;
  2. Location of emergency (address, building, room number); and
  3. Your name and the phone number from which you are calling.

Do not move an injured person unless absolutely necessary.


If the injured person is an employee, call the school First Aid Attendant.

If the injured person is a student or member of the public, call the school First Aid Attendant only if it is a life-threatening injury.


Name:_______________________ Phone:_________________

Name:_______________________ Phone:_________________


If the First Aid Attendant is not available attempt, as a minimum, to provide the following assistance:

  1. Stop the bleeding with firm pressure on the wounds (note: avoid contact with blood or other bodily fluids).
  2. In case of choking clear the air passages using Abdominal Thrusts.

If the injured person is a student, call the parent or guardian.

Refer to 4310-40 Incident Reporting and Investigation Decision Tree to identify the appropriate procedures to follow after the injured person has been aided.

These procedure are directed to any teacher who witnesses or is informed about an accident or illness which requires emergency action.  The first procedure (call 9-1-1) must be completed immediately.  If you need additional assistance use the P.A. and ask for any staff member who has first aid qualifications.  The Principal should be notified as early as possible but in no way should this notification interfere with the immediate implementation of 1, 2 or 3 above.


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