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4110-62 | Emergency Preparedness - Vehicle Accident Response

Date Approved: November 16 2015
Date Reviewed/Amended: November 16 2015

Call the emergency phone number 9-1-1 for

  • Police,
  • Ambulance and
  • Fire Department.

Provide the following Information:

  1. Nature of accident and any medical emergency;
  2. Location of emergency (nearby address or nearest intersection); and
  3. Your name and the phone number from which you are calling.

Do not move any injured person unless absolutely necessary

If a First Aid Attendant is available, have them provide first aid to any injured person.

If a First Aid Attendant is not available attempt, as a minimum, to provide the following assistance:

  1. Stop the bleeding with firm pressure on the wounds (note: avoid contact with blood or other bodily fluids).
  2. In case of choking clear the air passages using Abdominal Thrusts.

As soon as possible, advise the principal of the accident.  The principal will confirm details of the incident and contact the parents or guardians of students involved in the accident.

It is important for the teacher or principal in charge of the trip to keep records of the location of all students, including any students transported for medical attention.

Record the details of all vehicles and any pedestrians involved in the accident, e.g. vehicle descriptions, license plate numbers, driver name(s) and license number(s).

If a school district vehicle is damaged, contact the Director of Operations.

Ensure the incident is reported to the School Protection Program.


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