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7120-10A | Expense Account Form

Date Approved: September 11 2012
Date Reviewed/Amended: July 31 2019

  1. Eligibility:
    1. The Board will pay travel and subsistence to trustees and authorized employees of the Board travelling on the business of the Board according to regulations.
  2. Principles:
    1. The method of travel shall be selected based on both economy and efficiency.
    2. Prior written authorization for travel by employees must be obtained from the persons designated in Regulation 7120-20 using an appropriate form, such as the Travel Authorization Form or the Professional Development Leave Form.
    3. Travel costs must fall within approved budgets.
    4. Trustees and employees are not permitted to authorize travel or travel claims for themselves.
  3. Accommodation:
    1. Hotel room charges including spouses will be accepted where a special room rate applies to single or double occupancy.  Wherever practical rooms should be booked using the BC Government Employees Business Travel Accommodation Listing.
    2. Hotel movie rentals, loss of income, mini bar charges and child care expenses must not be claimed.
    3. Payment will be made for private lodging at $30.00 per night in lieu of hotel expenses when on district business.
  4. Travel
    1. Airfare will be booked using the district Travel Authorization form.  Flights should be booked with a travel agent authorized to access the BC Government discounted airfares.
    2. Car rentals, if necessary, should be booked using the BC Government Daily Vehicle Rentals Listing.
    3. If travel is by private automobile the owner may claim the lesser of
      1. car mileage at the rates in Section 3.5 (below), or
      2. the equivalent of return air fare for each of the authorized persons transported.
    4. Mileage allowance will be paid:
      1. For teachers, at the rate set in the collective agreement; and
      2. For trustees and all other employees, at the rate set by the BC School Trustees Association.
  5. Meals
    1. Whether or not meals are charged to the room, the maximum allowable claim will be at the per diem rate for meals set by the BC School Trustees Association.
    2. Receipts are not required where the per diem rate is claimed.
  6. Claims
    1. For each trip, the Secretary-Treasurer is authorized to make an advance covering the estimated cost of subsistence and a travel voucher for transportation.
    2. Within one week following the completion of the trip, each person concerned shall submit an expense account report in a form acceptable to the person designated in Regulation 7120-20. 

7120-20 - Regulation 7120-20 - Travel and Subsistence Allowance - Approvals Regulation
7120 - 7120 - Travel and Subsistence Allowance Policy

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