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4110-30 | Emergency Preparedness - Tsunami Response

Date Approved: March 13 2012
Date Reviewed/Amended: November 16 2015

In the event of a tsunami you ideally want to be at least 3.2 km (2 miles) away from shore and at least 30.5 meters (100 ft) above sea level. Tsunami’s bring many surge waves that can last for hours, arriving every ten to sixty minutes.  Tsunami’s usually affect communities close to where the earthquake or other triggering event occurred.  Locally generated tsunamis can strike the shore minutes after they are generated, before official warnings can transmit from warning centers to local warning systems.  In rare cases tsunamis can travel across open ocean and strike communities thousands of miles away, hours after they are generated.  In these cases there is time to warn the residents of those communities.


A Tsunami is imminent if you experience any of the following:

  • A strong earthquake shaking, particularly shaking lasting longer than 30 seconds;
  • Withdrawal of the sea water to unusually low levels; or
  • Loud sound or roar from the ocean, similar to a jet plane, an explosion or a sudden downpour of rain.

What to do:

  • Complete the evacuation of the school as set out in Regulation No. 4110-20 Emergency Preparedness – Earthquake Response.
  • Gather students and move children as quickly as possible to the highest ground available. See evacuation route for your school.

Tsunami Preparation:

  • The Principal at Hartley Bay will develop and practice an Evacuation Plan for tsunami warnings.
  • The Principal at Hartley Bay will be familiar with the Provincial Emergency Program including:
    • how tsunami warnings are given.
    • how to call for help.
    • availability of emergency supplies.

Field Trips

Note that shorefront areas of Prince Rupert and Port Edward are in the Tsunami zone.  If a class outing is in these areas when the warning signs of a tsunami are observed, classes must immediately move as quickly as possible to higher ground.

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