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5310-10 | Volunteers in Schools

Date Approved: November 08 2011
Date Reviewed/Amended: September 28 2015

1.0  Definition:

1.1  Volunteer is an unpaid individual (parent/guardian or other person) who has made a commitment that has been accepted by a school to assist the school in some manner without expectation of compensation.

2.0  Role of Volunteers:

  2.1  The role of the volunteer is to assist the school in providing curricular, extra-curricular and other school related activities and services.

  2.2  Volunteers should function as complementary extensions of the staff responsible for the teaching/learning situation; they should not undertake tasks that require them to make program or educational decisions.

  2.3  Volunteers must not be used to provide services that would normally be provided by an employee.

  2.4  Volunteers must not be assigned tasks that would violate the privacy of students or their families, and shall not be provided access to student records, except that contact information may be provided where required.

  2.5  The selection, use and supervision of volunteers is the responsibility of the Principal.

3.0  Process for Selecting Volunteers

  3.1  All school-related volunteer activities must be approved in advance by the Principal and in consultation with the teacher.

  3.2  All volunteers in the school must be approved by the Principal.  Those who work directly with students or who have, or potentially have, unsupervised access to students must successfully complete a criminal record check process at least every three years, or at the request of the Principal.

  3.3  If a volunteer is charged with or convicted of an offence subsequent to a criminal record check, the volunteer must promptly provide to the school authorization for a further criminal record check.

  3.4  The School will pay the costs of a criminal record check for a volunteer where a fee is charged.

  3.5  Should a criminal record search of a volunteer or information from a law enforcement agency indicate a criminal offence or pending charge, the Principal is authorized to notify the Superintendent or designate who shall determine if the offence or offences are such as to prohibit participation as a school volunteer.

  3.6  All information obtained through the criminal record check is to be treated as confidential and kept on file at the school.

  3.7A volunteer's services may be terminated at the discretion of the Principal or Superintendent.


4.0  Orientation of Volunteers

  4.1  Schools using volunteers shall ensure appropriate orientation and ongoing supervision. The orientation process should include:

    4.1.1  A general orientation to the School District;

    4.1.2  Processes of signing in by volunteers;

    4.1.3  Staff responsibilities with respect to volunteers;

    4.1.4  Review of school confidentiality protocol and confidentiality requirements for volunteers;

    4.1.5  Emergency procedures, including emergency evacuation;

    4.1.6  School Code of Conduct and relevant District policies;

    4.1.7  Overview of special programs and/or services at the school;

    4.1.8  Accident procedures including the reporting of incidents; and

    4.1.9  School calendar.


5.0  Conduct of Volunteers

Volunteers are required to:

  5.1  Adhere to the bylaws, policies and regulations of the Board;

  5.2  Speak and act with respect;

  5.3  Deal judiciously with students;

  5.4  Respect complete confidentiality with regard to any student matters;

  5.5  Report all incidents of student or personal injury to staff;

  5.6  Maintain confidentiality with regard to personnel matters;

  5.7  Avoid any conflict of interest, whether actual or perceived, between their role as a district volunteer and their other positions or responsibilities;

  5.8  Not be under the influence of or in possession of illicit drugs or alcohol while students are under their care, while on school property, at school-sponsored functions, on extra-curricular trips or at any activities involving students;

  5.9  Direct all questions and concerns through District protocols; and

  5.10  Comply with all relevant and applicable legislation, including the Human Rights Code.


6.0  Liability, Insurance and Expenses

  6.1  Volunteers receive limited coverage under the School Protection Program Insurance while engaged in activities authorized by the School District or a school.

  6.2  Where any incident or accident occurs that may conceivably give rise to a claim against a volunteer or the School District, the volunteer must promptly provide all information to the school to enable the school to inform its insurers.  Failure to do so may prejudice coverage.

  6.3  Volunteers may be reimbursed for expenses approved by the Principal.


References:  School Act, Sections 7.1, 26.1 and 85

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