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1380 | Anaphylaxis Policy

Date Approved: September 10 2013
Date Reviewed/Amended: November 09 2016


In accordance with Ministry of Education requirements, the Board provides this policy and regulation relating to the response to anaphylaxis in school settings. This policy acknowledges the principles identified in the BC Anaphylactic and Child Safety Framework.

The safety, health, and well-being of students is the primary responsibility of parents or guardians, and is a shared responsibility among parents or guardians, Boards, school employees, students, and health care workers.

School principals have overall responsibility for student safety in school, including implementation of anaphylaxis safety plans in accordance with the requirements of Board policy and procedures.

Parents or guardians of student are responsible to inform the school about their children’s potential risk for anaphylaxis and for providing ongoing health support services.

Every employee exposed to individual student emergency response plans has a duty to maintain the confidentiality of all student personal health information.

The Board will minimize the risk of exposure for students at risk of anaphylaxis to allergens, without depriving the student at risk of normal peer relations or placing unreasonable restrictions on other students.



Ministerial Order 232/07 – Anaphylaxis Protection Order

British Columbia Anaphylactic and Child Safety Framework

1380-10 - Anaphylaxis Regulation

1380-10 - Regulation 1380-10, Anaphylaxis - Anaphylaxis