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1115 | Board Authority Authorized Courses Policy

Date Approved: September 11 2012
Date Reviewed/Amended: May 10 2016

Formerly:  Locally Developed Courses

The Ministry of Education encourages Boards of Education to offer locally relevant courses to meet the needs of schools and their communities while providing choice and flexibility for students.

Therefore, the Board of Education of School District No. 52 (Prince Rupert) encourages the development of Board Authority Authorized courses to meet the particular needs of our community and students. 


Schools may offer locally developed courses in conformity with the School Act and Ministry Policy (Board/Authority Authorized Courses, January 2004), and Board /Authority Authorized Courses.

Prior approval of the Board of Education is required before the course may be offered to students.

The Board is required to submit a BAA Course Form for new courses to the Ministry.   The Board must retain the full BAA Framework for review by the Ministry when requested.

Boards are required to submit to the Ministry of Education the course name of each Board/Authority Authorized Course (BAA) they plan to offer in the following school year.  


School Act Section 85 (2) (i), 168 (2) (b)
Ministry Policy (Board/Authority Authorized Courses, January 2004 and Updated 2011)
Regulation 1115-10 – Board Authorized Courses Regulation

1115-10 - - Board Authority Authorized Courses
1115-10A - - Questionnaire - Form Approval of Locally Adapted or Locally Developed Course