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3220 | Buildings and Grounds Projects Policy

Date Approved:
Date Reviewed/Amended: November 09 2016


The Board supports regular maintenance, renovation, and rejuvenation of buildings and grounds. These projects are to be delivered in an environmentally responsible manner and will address:

  1. Health and Safety Concerns
  2. Fire Protection, Emergency and Building Security Systems
  3. Building Envelope Systems
  4. Mechanical, Structural and Electrical Systems
  5. Classrooms and Other Interior Spaces
  6. Access ways, Parking Lots and Recreational Spaces
  7. Site Infrastructure (e.g. utility connections).

The Secretary Treasurer is responsible for maintaining facilities in an efficient and effective manner.



3110               Energy Conservation and Environmental Sustainability Policy
3110-10         Energy Conservation and Environmental Sustainability Regulation

3210 - - Energy Conservation and Environmental Stewardship Policy