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1320 | Communicable Diseases and Immunizations Policy

Date Approved: January 14 2014
Date Reviewed/Amended: February 21 2023

The Board of Education acknowledges its obligation under the Workers Compensation Act (Part 2) and School Act (sections 91, 92) to provide a safe and healthy environment for students and employees.

Precautions will be taken to ensure that an individual's medical condition does not present a health and safety risk to students and employees. The Board supports appropriate procedures regarding infectious pathogens and immunizations, as described in the regulations.

The Board recognizes that a student with an infectious disease is entitled to an educational program and, insofar as it is possible and prudent, the student shall be treated as any other student with a medical condition. The student's personal physician and/or pediatrician shall be responsible for evaluating the student's health.

A Board employee with an infectious disease, insofar as it is feasible and prudent,  shall be treated as would any other employee with a medical condition. The employee's personal physician shall be responsible for evaluating the employee's health.

In the case of both students and employees, Northern Health will be consulted on the precautions that are appropriate for the district to implement.

The Board endorses the position of the Province of British Columbia that all school-age children should be protected by scheduled vaccines against communicable diseases.


1320-10 - - Communicable Disease Regulation
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