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5110 | Corporate Sponsorship and Access to Students Policy

Date Approved: March 11 2014
Date Reviewed/Amended: March 08 2016


Positive relationships between the school district and the business/corporate sector can contribute to the quality of education for students. However, the Board has an obligation to protect the welfare of students and the integrity of the learning environment. The Board therefore expects that school district/corporate relationships, including sponsorships and donations, will be conducted in an ethical manner.

Corporate sponsorships and donations arise from informal or formal relationships where goods, services or funds are provided in exchange for returns such as gaining positive recognition or meeting a corporation’s goal related to community involvement.


The Board encourages positive relationships and partnerships between the school district and the business/corporate sector that benefit students and enhance the educational experience of the school community. Corporate sponsorships and donations are provided to the school district to enhance but not replace funding from the provincial government.

The Board supports corporate sponsorships and donations which treat the welfare of students as a paramount concern and which:

  1. enhance the delivery of quality, relevant and culturally responsive curricular and co-curricular programs for students;
  2. create additional opportunities for students;
  3. benefit the schools and the school district;
  4. are respectful of community standards;
  5. are respectful of the educational setting;
  6. are consistent with school district policies and procedures.

The Board will recognize the contributions of corporate sponsors through an appropriate expression of appreciation and by providing a charitable receipt for income tax purposes.  At least three times per year the Board will receive a report of contributions received with a value of $10,000 or more. 

Any pending agreements involving business partnerships, sponsorship identification, commercial relationships, or corporate sponsorship shall be approved by the Superintendent, who has the right to withhold approval or refer the agreement to the Board for approval.  Agreements in excess of $75,000 require the approval of the Board.


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