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1120 | French Immersion Policy

Date Approved: January 14 2014
Date Reviewed/Amended: October 16 2023

The School District is committed to supporting the French Immersion program as it provides an option for students in the school district to become bilingual in both of Canada's official languages, English and French.

The Board of Education believes that students should have the opportunity to receive instruction in the French language through French Immersion programs in elementary, middle, and secondary grades. The French Immersion program operates as an optional district program. The French Immersion Program is not intended to be a selective program.

It is in students' best interests that classes include students with a variety of aptitudes, cultures, and backgrounds. The Board believes that French Immersion instruction should be available to all students who desire to be enrolled in the program, providing staffing requirements can be accommodated.


School Act, section 5(3)
Ministry of Education Policy: French Immersion Program
Ministerial Order 333/99, Educational Program Guide Order
Ministerial Order 295/95, Required Areas of Study in an Educational Program
Ministerial Order 302/04, Graduation Program Order

1120-10 French Immersion Regulation

1120-10 - - French Immersion Regulation