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1220 | International Students Policy

Date Approved: January 14 2014
Date Reviewed/Amended: December 18 2023

Many students from other countries come to British Columbia for schooling because their families value the high quality of education provided by our school system. International students enroll in Canadian schools to upgrade their language ability to benefit from the cross-cultural experience of living and attending school in a country other than their own, in order to graduate with a Dogwood Diploma.

The Board supports enrollment of international students and strives to meet their educational needs while ensuring that those who graduate meet all of the requirements of the Ministry of Education legislation and policy.

International students who graduate must meet all graduation requirements in ways that ensure competence in English. In accordance with Ministry policy, international students may be restricted in the number and type of courses given credit through equivalency, external credits, or challenge.

Enrollment of international and non-reciprocal exchange students is subject to space being available and to tuition being paid to cover costs of their educational program.

Enrollment of reciprocal exchange students is subject to a local student attending overseas in their stead.


Ministry of Education Policy, International Student Graduation Credit
Ministerial Order 302/04, the Graduation Program Order

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