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1110 | Learning Resources Policy

Date Approved: January 14 2014
Date Reviewed/Amended: December 18 2023

In accordance with the School Act and the Ministry of Education Learning Resources Policy, the Board of Education “may only use learning resources that the board considers appropriate, are specified in an educational program guide or are recommended by the Ministry of Education.” This policy and the accompanying regulations clarify the roles and responsibilities of the Board of Education regarding the selection of learning resources.

The Board supports resource-based learning and encourages teachers to utilize a range of educational media and resources. For the purpose of this statement of policy, the term “learning resource” will refer to any person or material that is used for formal or informal teaching/learning purposes.

The primary objective of learning resources is to support, enrich, and help implement an educational program. The Board delegates the responsibility for the recommendation and selection of learning resources to the Superintendent of Schools in accordance with district criteria.

The Superintendent (or designate) and school principals are responsible for ensuring that the approved criteria are known and appropriately applied. The responsibility for vetting recommended resources rests with school principals.

Any student, parent or employee of the school district may formally challenge the appropriateness of learning resources used in the district’s educational programs (see 1110-30 – Review of Instructional Materials Regulation).


Related Policies and Regulations:

See Ministerial Order 333/99, the Educational Program Guide Order; section 5.

School Act, Section 168 (2) (e)

Ministry of Education Policy, Learning Resources Policy Statement, July 1, 2017


1110-10 Learning Resource Regulation

1110-30 Review of Instructional Materials Regulation

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Learning Resources: A Guide https://www.bcerac.ca/resources/whitepapers/docs/ERAC_WB.pdf, 2008

1110-10 - - Learning Resources Regulation
1110-30 - - Review of Instructional Materials
1110-40A - - Request for Review of Instructional Materials - Form
1115-10 - - Board Authority Authorized Courses