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1110 | Learning Resources Policy

Date Approved: January 14 2014
Date Reviewed/Amended:

In accordance with the School Act and Ministry of Education Policy and Orders, the Board of Education is required to use either Ministry of Education Recommended Learning Resources or those learning resources approved through a district process. The purpose of this policy and the accompanying regulations is to clarify the roles and responsibilities of the Ministry of Education and the Board of Education regarding the evaluation and selection of learning resources.

The Board supports resource-based learning and encourages teachers to utilize a range of educational media and resources. The Board supports Ministry of Education Policy regarding the use and selection of learning resources, as follows:

  • schools may use either Ministry of Education Recommended Learning Resources or those approved through a district process described in the regulations for this policy;
  • the Ministry of Education is responsible for evaluating and selecting learning resources to support Provincial curriculum;
  • challenges to Ministry recommended learning resources will be addressed by an Educational Resource Advisory Committee in accordance with Ministry of Education Policy; and
  • challenges to the use of district approved resources will be dealt with in accordance with the regulations for this policy.

The Board acknowledges that the primary objective of learning resources is to support, enrich, and help implement the education program. To this end, the Board affirms and supports learning resources that will:

  • take into consideration students' varied interests, abilities, backgrounds, and maturity levels;
  • stimulate development in factual knowledge, literary appreciation, aesthetic values, and ethical standards;
  • develop a sense of identity and belonging for Aboriginal learners and help to build Aboriginal understanding for all staff and students;
  • provide perspectives on various sides of controversial issues so that young citizens may have an opportunity to develop, under guidance, the practice of critical analysis and the ability to make informed judgments in their daily lives;
  • represent many religious, ethnic, and cultural groups and their contributions to our national heritage and the world community; and
  • place principle above personal opinion and reason above prejudice in order to assure a comprehensive, high quality collection of learning resources appropriate to the school community.

School Act, Section 168 (2) (e)
Ministerial Order 333/99: Education Program Guide Order
Ministry of Education Policy, Learning Resources: Withdrawal of Recommended Learning Resources (2000)
Ministry of Education Policy, Learning Resources: Provincial Approval Process (2002)
Ministry of Education Policy, Learning Resources: Challenges to the Use of Recommended Learning Resources (2002) 

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