Policies, Regulations Forms and Bylaws

6610 | Making Policy and Regulations

Date Approved: December 14 2010
Date Reviewed/Amended: February 21 2023

Policy development is a key responsibility of the Board. Policies constitute the will of the Board in determining how the District will be operated. Policies provide effective direction and guidelines for the action of the Board, Superintendent, Secretary-Treasurer, staff and students. Policies also serve as sources of information and guidelines to all who may be interested in or connected with the operation of the District. Adoption of new Board Policies or revision of existing Policies is solely the responsibility of the Board.

When making policy the Board will adhere to the requirements necessary to provide public education and comply with the School Act, other provincial legislation and other contractual agreements (for example, the Aboriginal Education Partnership Agreement).

The Board believes that the development and review of policies are enhanced when the process allows for the meaningful involvement of staff and other interested groups and persons.

Board policies shall provide an appropriate balance between the responsibility of the Board to develop the broad guidelines for the District and the opportunity for the Superintendent and Secretary-Treasurer to exercise professional judgment in the administration of the District.

The Board shall adhere to the following stages in its approach to policy making:

1. Planning

The Board shall assess the need for a policy in cooperation with the Superintendent and Secretary-Treasurer. This may be as a result of its own monitoring activities or on the suggestion of others. The critical attributes of the policy will be developed in the planning stage.

2. Development

The Board may develop the policy itself or could delegate the responsibility for development to the Superintendent and/or Secretary-Treasurer. Each policy statement must be precise enough to show clearly the Board's intent and consider the need for the Superintendent and Secretary-Treasurer to have discretion in dealing with particular cases. The process for the development and review of policies will allow for the participation of interested and concerned groups and individuals as appropriate to their circumstances.

3. Implementation

The Board is responsible for the implementation of policies governing its own processes. The Board and Superintendent share the responsibility for implementation of policies relating to the Board-Superintendent relationship. The Superintendent and Secretary-Treasurer are responsible for the implementation of all other policies.

4. Evaluation

The Board, in cooperation with the Superintendent and Secretary-Treasurer, shall evaluate each policy in a timely manner in order to determine whether or not it is meeting its intended purpose.

The Superintendent is responsible for approving regulations which provide specific guidance for the implementation of Board policies.


6610-10 Making Policy and Regulations

6610-10 - - Making Policy and Regulations