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3360 | Multimedia Devices

Date Approved: November 20 2023
Date Reviewed/Amended:

3360               Multimedia Devices Policy

The Board of Education of School District No. 52(Prince Rupert) believes that the appropriate use of multimedia devices, such as cell phone and other digital devices, play an important role in communications, and may enhance student learning opportunities.  The Board of Education believes that best practices would include student voice and collaboration of the creation of expectations.  These devices should in no way interfere with the safety, security and privacy of students and/or staff, or with school operations.


1.  Schools shall inform students and parents of their expectations regarding the use of multimedia devices.  Specific expectations regarding the use of multimedia devices will be consistent with the school’s Code of Conduct.

2.  At no time should a multimedia device be used to capture an image or a voice recording of another person during school hours or school activities, unless specific authorization is provided by a principal and/or staff member.

3.  No pictures of students or staff in schools or at associated facilities or activities may be uploaded to school, public or private websites without the written consent of the person or persons and/or their parents or guardians, in the photograph.

4.  At no time should a multimedia device be used for the purpose of cyber-bullying which is defined as the use of any electronic communications device to convey a message in any form (text, image, audio, or video) that defames, intimidates, harasses or is otherwise intended to harm, insult or humiliate another in a deliberate, repeated or hostile or unwanted manner under a person’s false or true identity.

5.  An infraction involving the use of a multimedia device that could jeopardize the safety or create discomfort and/or embarrassment to any person may result in disciplinary action and/or criminal charges.