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5120 | Naming Policy

Date Approved: March 08 2016
Date Reviewed/Amended: April 20 2022

From time to time the Board will need to name a new school or will consider renaming an existing school. The Board may consider naming part of a school building or property in memory of a person.

The following criteria will be considered by the Board in the process of naming all or part of a building or property:

  1. A Naming Committee will be formed.
  2. The committee will consult with members of the school community, including student and parent representatives, staff members of the school, and members of the local community, in order to obtain input on possible names.
  3. A school, or part of a school, will not normally be named for a living person.
  4. Existing schools will not normally be renamed.
  5. The name of a school will normally be based on the geographic or community context of the school.
  6. A school, or part of a school (e.g., library, gymnasium, field, theatre), may be named in memory of a person in recognition of distinguished service to that school, or if the Board recognizes a compelling, historically significant reason to do so. If a person’s name is being considered, consultation with members of that person’s family, if possible, should be undertaken.


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