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5120 | Naming Policy

Date Approved: March 08 2016
Date Reviewed/Amended: May 14 2019


From time to time the Board will need to name a new school or will consider renaming an existing school.  The Board may consider naming part of a school building or property in memory of a person.  This policy outlines criteria the Board will consider in the process of naming all or part of a building or property.



The following criteria will be considered by the Board in making the naming decision:

  1. Input will be received through reasonable consultation with members of the school community, including student and parent representatives, staff members of the school, and members of the local community.
  2. A school, or part of a school, will not normally be named for a living person.
  3. Existing schools will not normally be renamed.
  4. The name of a school will normally be based on the geographic or community context of the school.
  5. A school, or part of a school (e.g., library, gymnasium, field, theatre), may be named in memory of a person in recognition of distinguished service to that school, or if the Board recognizes a compelling, historically significant reason to do so.  If a name is being considered, consultation with members of that person’s family, if possible, should be undertaken.


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