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1210 | Student Registration and Catchment Area (Elementary) Policy

Date Approved: January 11 2011
Date Reviewed/Amended: May 17 2022

It is in the best interest of students that enrolment in schools and assignment to programs occur in a systematic, equitable and educationally beneficial fashion. School district students are generally expected to attend their neighborhood school according to catchment areas defined by the Board of Education. There must, however, be a balance between school attendance based on designated catchment areas and attendance at a school, for good reasons, as a non-catchment child.

As outlined in the School Act, students will be enrolled in schools and assigned to programs with respect to:

• Age;

• School catchment area;

• Residence location;

• Statutory entitlement; and

• The availability of space, facilities and instructional resources.

Catchment areas are defined by the Board and may be amended.

Space permitting, students may attend a school outside their catchment area. Parents or guardians may request a cross-boundary transfer for their elementary student or students to attend another school in accordance with district regulations.

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