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1140 | Communicating Student Learning & Reporting Policy

Date Approved: April 11 2017
Date Reviewed/Amended: November 20 2023

Student Reporting - Communicating Student Learning to Parents

The Board of Education recognizes that communication among students, parents, teachers and administrators fosters positive relations and encourages student academic and social growth. 

Further, the Board recognizes that there are many different ways of reporting to parents and encourages the use of non-traditional methods of reporting student progress and achievement that support the tenets of formative, growth based learning. These include, for example, the use of student portfolios (digital or otherwise), criterion referenced assessment outcomes, student-led conferences and demonstrations of learning through student projects.

The Board encourages school communities to examine, and propose alternate forms of reporting that could potentially better demonstrate student growth over time than past reporting practices.   Proposed forms of reporting that enhance student awareness of his/her academic and social-emotional growth as well as more clearly communicate student improvement to parents are encouraged.  



Ministerial Order 191/94, the Progress report Order

Ministerial Order 192/94, the Provincial Letter Grades Order

Ministerial Order 295/95, the Required Areas of Study Order

Regulation 265/89, the School regulation

1140-10 – Student Reporting Regulation

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