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1130 | Student Support Policy

Date Approved: October 08 2013
Date Reviewed/Amended: June 11 2019

The Board of Education is committed to providing all students with an education program that best suits their needs and enables them to achieve their maximum potential in a safe, caring and welcoming environment. The Board supports an inclusive education system in which all students are fully participating members in a community of learners.

The unique needs of individuals and the challenges of a small, remote school district should be taken into account when providing support services to students. The Board supports engaging, inclusive and culturally relevant education for all students within the Response to Instruction and the Universal Instructional Design Frameworks. Where additional services and support for students are needed, decisions are made in consultation with parents, students (when appropriate) and members of the school based team.

Culturally relevant programs and services provide the foundation for healthy students and communities. The Response to Instruction Framework incorporates a flexible continuum of school-wide strategies for all students, targeted supports for students with specific challenges, and intensive supports for students with persistent challenges.

The Universal Instructional Design Framework brings together many school district initiatives to provide multiple avenues of access to curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Services and support focus on multiple pathways to success and multiple ways of defining success.

Within the Response to Instruction and Universal Instructional Design Frameworks students receive maximum benefit from their education program, in accordance with the objectives of Provincial curricula, school district programs, and Board approved school programs.


  • Ministry of Education Policy: Special Education
  • Ministry of Education Policy: K-12 Funding, Special Needs
  • Ministry Policy: Distributed Learning: Requirements and Guidelines for Students with Special Needs
  • School Act, Sections 75, 79(3), 85(2)(j), 88(1), 168(2)(t)
  • Ministerial Order M150/89, Amended M297/95; M32/04; M235/07: Special Needs Students Order
  • Ministerial Order 149/89: Support Services for Schools Order
  • Ministerial Order 191/94, amended most recently M197/11: Student Progress Report Order
  • Ministerial Order M638/95, amended most recently by M261: Individual Education Plan Order
  • Prince Rupert School District Response to Instruction (RTI) Framework
  • Universal Instructional Design Framework
  • 1130-10 – Delivery of Instructional Services to Students with Special Needs Regulation

1130-10 - - Instructional Services to Students with Special Needs