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5220 | Use of Schools Grounds and Equipment Policy

Date Approved: October 18 2022
Date Reviewed/Amended:

The Board supports the use of schools, grounds, and equipment for organized student and teacher activities, at the discretion of the school principal.

Board property may also be used for the provision of childcare programs by either the Board or by licensed third-party child care providers between the hours of 7:00 am and 6:00 pm on weekdays.

The use of board- owned property by licensed child care providers must not disrupt or interfere with space required for K-12 education programs, early learning programs, or extra-curricular activities.

If changes to the use of Board property for childcare are being considered, the Superintendent must assess community need for childcare and will ensure that the district’s partner groups have been consulted.

Other personal or group use of schools, grounds, and equipment is subject to the Regulations accompanying this policy.


5220-10 Use of Schools, Grounds and Equipment Regulation

5220-10 - Section 7.3 - Use of Schools Grounds and Equipment Regulation
5220-20 - Section 7.6 - Coast Mountain College Use of Schools and Equipment
5230-10 - - Billeting in Schools Regulation

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