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6270 | Whistleblower Protection Policy

Date Approved: May 13 2014
Date Reviewed/Amended: November 10 2015


The Board is committed to the highest standards of integrity, honesty, ethical conduct, and accountability. District codes of conduct and codes of ethicsconflict of interest policies are intended to prevent or deter misconduct or wrongdoing.

At times, these systems may not provide effective safeguards. Employees may be the first to realize that there has been misconduct or wrongdoing. The Board encourages employees and others noted in this Policy, acting in good faith, to report what they reasonably and truly believe to be misconduct or wrongdoing.


The Board expects employees and others who have serious and reasonable concerns with respect to misconduct or wrongdoing to come forward and voice those concerns. This Policy applies to trustees, senior executives, administrators, directors, and all other employees of the Board, as well as to all other stakeholders having an interest in the district, including suppliers, consultants, and contractors.

There shall be no retaliation for reporting under this Policy; any acts of retaliation may lead to discipline for the person who is retaliating.

Reports of misconduct or wrongdoing must be made in good faith, without malice or consideration of personal benefit, and when the person reporting has a reasonable basis to believe that the report is true. A report may be either an oral or written report made according to the regulations attached to this Policy.

There shall be no retaliation for reporting under this Policy.A report made in bad faith or without a reasonable and probable basis may lead to disciplinary action.

Reportable activities do not include personnel actions taken in the course of conducting the District’s business where such matters are most appropriately addressed by reference to the applicable collective agreement. 

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