Policies, Regulations Forms and Bylaws

4230-20 | Accident Prevention in Schools

Date Approved: February 19 2015
Date Reviewed/Amended: August 24 2016

  1. The safety and physical welfare of the student must always be of prime consideration to the Principal and teachers in each school. Areas that must be considered include safety in halls, classrooms, gymnasiums, laboratories, shops and on the playground.
  2. Supervision of students must be provided during regular school hours and during other school functions (non-instructional hours, e.g. extracurricular activities).
  3. Every reasonable step shall be taken to prevent accidents in schools. Custodians, teachers and principals should be constant and thorough in their attention to equipment and to the buildings and school grounds so that unsafe equipment is not used and that unsafe conditions are immediately reported.
  4. The correction of unsafe conditions in buildings or on school grounds shall be given immediate priority by the principal, who will inform the Operations Department.