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5110-30 | Advertising Materials in Schools

Date Approved:
Date Reviewed/Amended: June 22 2017

Many businesses occasionally produce materials of considerable value for school use, the production of which is designed to create general goodwill for the producer rather than to encourage directly the sale of a specific product or service.  The Board has a responsibility to prevent the schools from being used as the means of distributing advertising materials.

Such advertising materials may be accepted for use in the schools, if the following conditions are met:

  1. The materials are judged by the Superintendent of Schools to have sufficient educational or other value to justify their being used in schools; and
  2. The conditions of their use within the schools are determined by the Superintendent of Schools and are not imposed by any outside organization.

Samples of materials of this kind approved for acceptance in the schools shall be kept for inspection by the Board as desired.

Any issue which goes beyond this Regulation will be governed by the Regulation entitled:  "General Access to Students".