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5230-10 | Billeting in Schools Regulation

Date Approved: February 19 2015
Date Reviewed/Amended: September 07 2016

School District No. 52 is prepared to billet students from schools in other communities. When students are being billeted in schools, the following must be done:

Forms 5220-30A Rental Agreement for Use of School Facilities and 5220-30B Fee Waiver / Reduction Application for Facilities Rental must be completed

Notification to the Fire Department and R.C.M.P. is required to advise them that a group is occupying the school overnight.  The Fire Department would otherwise normally assume that the school is unoccupied at night and would "fight" a fire under that assumption.  If they have been advised that the school is occupied, their tactics will be geared to lifesaving.

Where possible, the school security system should only be shut down for the portion of the building to be used by the students and their supervisors. Unoccupied areas of the school may be vulnerable to intruders. It is important that the Principal is aware of this situation and takes appropriate steps to ensure the security of the building.

No custodians are available in the morning or on weekends. The Principal is responsible  to ensure that necessary arrangements for clean-up and garbage removal are made.

Rental fees for student groups will normally be waived; however if custodians must be called in for opening, closing or clean-up of schools those costs will be charged to the student group.



5220   Use of Schools, Grounds and Equipment

5220 - - Use of Schools Grounds and Equipment Policy