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2320-10 | Communicable Disease Regulation

Date Approved: March 20 2014
Date Reviewed/Amended:

The School Board is responsible under Section 110 of the School Act for protecting students’ health from being endangered by teachers and other employees. The School Board will base its decision upon the advice of the Medical Health Officer and deal with each situation in accordance with this regulation. 

The Medical Health Officer will treat each case of a serious communicable disease (such as HIV infection) as an occupational health matter. That is, employees will continue to carry out their duties until and unless the condition becomes such that the employee can no longer function properly, at which time the case will be brought to the attention of the Board, and the employee removed, at least temporarily, from regular duties. This shall be done on the advice of the Medical Health Officer. Therefore, the Board and its officials most likely will not be advised until such time as the employee's health status required him/her to be off work. 

In circumstances where a school or district official becomes aware that an employee has a serious communicable disease or is a carrier, that person has the responsibility of informing the Medical Health Officer. 

Where employees must be removed from the work environment, the normal procedures for dealing with sick leave can be used. Where prolonged or continued absence occurs, Section 110 of the School Act contains provisions for dealing with situations where the health of an employee may endanger the health of students.