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3430-10 | Control of Keys and Security Codes Regulation

Date Approved:
Date Reviewed/Amended: June 22 2015

Building security is necessary to protect the students and employees of the district, as well as to protect the assets in the building and the building itself.  An important part of building security is the control of keys and security codes.  Keys and security codes are made available to employees based on operational and educational needs.

Under no circumstances shall an employee share their key or security code.

Issuing of Keys:

  1. Appropriate master keys and security codes are issued to:
    • Senior Board Office staff
    • Principals & Vice-Principals
    • Custodians
    • Maintenance staff
  2. The school principal is responsible for the issuance and safeguarding of school keys.
  3. Teachers requiring access to schools during the summer may make arrangements with the Principal or Vice Principal.

Lost Keys:

  1. Any lost key must be reported immediately to the school principal and the Director of Operations.
  2. A written report of the circumstances related to the loss of the key must be submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer as soon as possible following the initial report.

Return of Keys:

  1. All keys must be returned to the school principal at the end of the school year in June.
  2. During summer vacation, the principal may retain the keys in a secure location at the school or forward for safekeeping to the Secretary-Treasurer,
  3. Any employee leaving the employ of the Board will return their keys prior to their departure.

Reporting and Documentation:

  1. The Director of Operations is responsible for maintaining a list of all master keys issued.
  2. The school principal is responsible for maintaining a list of all outdoor and indoor keys issued.
  3. The school principal will report to the Secretary-Treasurer any keys not returned at the end of the school year.

Changes to Keys and Locks:

  1. Any changes to the keying of locks require the approval of the Director of Operations.
  2. Additional keys can only be made by the Director of Operations.