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3610-10 | Deputy Fire Chief Letter

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The following instructions from the Deputy Fire Chief should be regarded as School District Regulations.  (Exhibit


200 West 1st Avenue,
Prince Rupert, B.C.

March 26, 1992

Mr. H. A. Stewart
Operations Manager
School District No. 52
634 - 6th Avenue
Prince Rupert, B.C.
V8J 1X1

Dear Mr. Stewart:

As per your request, I have compiled an updated list of maximum occupant loads for the assembly areas of the district #52 schools.

The following list indicates the maximum number of persons to be allowed in the assembly areas of each school.

LOCATION                                                                            AREA                                      MAXIMUM ALLOWED

CONRAD STREET ELEMENTARY                                           GYM                                          300 persons

KANATA ELEMENTARY                                                         GYM                                          320 persons

KING EDWARD ELEMENTARY                                               GYM                                          338 persons

PINERIDGE ELEMENTARY                                                     GYM                                          341 persons

ROOSEVELT ELEMENTARY                                                   GYM                                          296 persons

SEAL COVE ELEMENTARY                                                    GYM                                          330 persons

WESTVIEW ELEMENTARY                                                     GYM                                          334 persons

CHARLES HAYS SECONDARY SCHOOL                                 GYM

                                                                                (floor only when bleachers closed)               633 persons

                                                                                (bleachers only)                                         400 persons

                                                                                (floor area when bleachers open)                 482 persons

                                                                                (total floor and bleachers)                           882 persons

                                                                                                MULTI PURPOSE ROOM

                                                                                (floor only)                                                 217 persons

                                                                                (floor and bleachers)                                   277 persons

PRINCE RUPERT SECONDARY SCHOOL                                  GYM

                                                                                (floor area)                                                  520 persons

                                                                                (fixed seating)                                             340 persons

                                                                                Total                                                          860 persons


The maximum occupant load for the above mentioned assembly areas were calculated using the formula set out in the Public Hall and Theatre Safety Regulations.  (Pursuant to the Fire Services Act of B.C.)

I have also enclosed a copy of the B.C. Fire Commissioners Guidelines on SEATING LAYOUTS IN SCHOOL ASSEMBLY AREAS AND OTHER SIMILAR OCCUPANCIES.  These guidelines show the correct and acceptable layouts for seating in school assembly areas.

Thank you for your attention to fire safety.

Yours truly,


Deputy Fire Chief,
Prince Rupert Fire Department

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