Policies, Regulations Forms and Bylaws

1430-10 | District Discipline Committee Regulation

Date Approved: October 12 2010
Date Reviewed/Amended:

1.0    Procedures for District Discipline Committee Referral 

1.1     When a serious disciplinary situation involving a student arises, the principal may refer the student to the Superintendent of Schools (or his/her designate) for review.

1.2    When a principal and the superintendent (or designate) have reviewed an incident of exceptional severity and referred it to the District Discipline Committee, the following procedures are to be followed by the principal: 

    1.2.1    contact the student’s parent or guardian;

    1.2.2    send a letter to the parent or guardian by registered mail.  The letter should include the provisions of the School Act relating to the incident;

    1.2.3    send a copy of the letter to the superintendent;

    1.2.4    give a copy of the letter, if possible, to the student to take home. 
1.3     Upon receiving the necessary documentation and letter, the superintendent (or designate) may arrange a meeting of the District Discipline Committee with the student, the parent(s) or guardian(s) and the principal.  A detailed report of the student’s school record and the incident will be discussed at the committee meeting.  The report of the principal shall include: 

    1.3.1    identification of the student – birth date, address, telephone number, parents’ or guardians’ names, school and placement;

    1.3.2    copies of relevant school records – permanent record card, medical report, attendance records, discipline records, report card marks;

    1.3.3    anecdotal record of the incident that was recorded as soon as possible after the incident occurred.  
1.4    The committee shall give the student and the parent(s) or guardian(s) an opportunity to appear before it to speak to the issues of subsequent placement or program offering.  The chairperson of the committee will facilitate this process. 

     1.5    The committee may seek the input of other agencies involved with the
    student and make a decision regarding appropriate action.  The parent(s) or guardian(s) of the student and the principal will be notified in writing of the decision.  The District Discipline Committee shall report the decision to the Board of Education.  

     1.6    The District Discipline Committee may decide to refuse to continue an
    educational program.  This decision is subject to appeal under Section 11 of the School Act.  

     1.7    Following the District Discipline Committee’s hearing, the Chair will inform
    the school and parent(s)/guardian(s) in writing of the final decision.  The letter will include:

        1.7.1     the student’s date of return to school, the school to be attended, and the conditions under which the student will return to school; or

        1.7.2     other arrangements for a student under sixteen (16) years of age to continue his/her education. 

2.0 Appeal of a District Discipline Decision

2.1    The parent(s)/guardian(s) will be informed of their right to appeal the decision of the District Discipline Committee to the Board of Education under School District No. 52 (Prince Rupert) Appeal Procedure Bylaw#4 (Student and/or Parent Appeal)

3.0 Refusal to Continue to Offer an Educational Program

 3.1    The Board delegates authority to the Superintendent or designate under
    Section 85 (3) of the School Act to decide to refuse to continue to offer an educational program to a student sixteen (16) years of age or older if that student:

        3.1.1    has refused to comply with the code of conduct, other rules and policies, and /or
        3.1.2    has failed to apply himself or herself to his or her studies

 3.2    The Board delegates authority to the Superintendent or designate under School Act Section 85 (2) (d), to refuse to continue an educational program for a student under sixteen (16) years of age and other arrangements will be made for them   to continue their education.