Policies, Regulations Forms and Bylaws

1530-10 | Dress Regulations

Date Approved: February 19 2014
Date Reviewed/Amended: December 06 2016

All students shall conform to reasonable standards of appropriateness, hygiene and safety in dress and grooming.  Clothing is not appropriate if it becomes an unduly distracting factor in the learning situation.  School Principals are given authority to require any student not conforming to return home and change to suitable clothing before being re-admitted to class. 

The choice of clothing and accessories worn by a student is to be regarded as a prerogative of the individual and his or her parents, provided that the following criteria are met: 

  1. Clothing should be clean and in good repair and meet requirements of good hygiene and safety. Loose clothing, jewellery, and long loose hair must not be tolerated in classes where machinery is used or in classes such as Foods or Science when an open flame may be in use. 
  2. Clothing should be appropriate for the activities to be undertaken by the class, such as field trips,  gym classes or activity centres such as those found in primary classrooms.  Gym strip and running shoes are expected to be worn for physical education classes.  Shoes which may damage floors are not to be permitted. 

In accordance with these guidelines, the suitability of dress is a matter of judgement on the part of the Principal and staff.  Dress is a very personal matter.  If instances arise where the criteria are not being met, and action is deemed necessary, then it is expected that care will be taken to avoid offending the sensibilities of students or parents. 

This implies that references to the dress of an individual will not be made in the presence of other students.  Any discussions are to be held privately with the student or by direct contact with the parents.  Particularly when a question of taste may be involved or when dress may be deemed to be a distracting factor in the learning situation, tact and quiet diplomacy are to be utilized in preference to confrontation and coercion.