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4110-22 | Emergency Preparedness - Earthquake Preparations

Date Approved: March 13 2012
Date Reviewed/Amended: November 16 2015

1.  Response Plan

  • Each school Principal is to develop a Response Plan that contains the key elements as outlined on page 21 of the "School Earthquake Safety Guidebook"
  • The Principal will ensure that teachers are familiar with page 20 of the "Guidebook" and that drills and instruction take place.
  • The Principal will ensure that there is a "Chain of Command" that can implement the Response Plan in his or her absence.

2.  Hazard Reduction

  • Each Principal will review his or her building for potential safety hazards.  A guide for this is the "Guidebook for Developing a School Earthquake Safety Program", page 13.  The Principal will devise a short and long term Hazard Reduction Plan in consultation with the Director of Operations for correcting the hazards.

3.  Classroom Considerations for Evacuation

  • Teachers must immediately take steps to protect themselves and prevent personal injury during an earthquake. Teachers have an extremely important role to play in assisting students through the post-earthquake recovery stage.
  • A teacher may appoint one or more pupils from the class to act as monitors in the event of an earthquake.  These monitors will check to ensure that no children remain in the classroom or cloakroom or any part thereof.  Upon completion of this check, the monitors will report to the teacher and then take their places with the rest of the class.  These monitors may also be trained to give instructions in the event the teacher is injured;
  • It is expected that students will take weather-appropriate clothing when evacuating;
  • A student with special needs who cannot move along the halls at the same pace as their classmates, will be allowed to follow the class at their own, best rate of speed with the assistance of a teacher or education assistant.
  • If it is determined the safest place for a student with special needs is in the classroom or at a refuge area the Principal (or person in charge) will be immediately notified of the student’s identity and location so emergency rescue personnel can remove the student safely.
  • Seriously injured persons may have to be left behind for the school’s designated search and rescue team. Provide verbal reassurance and inform them that search and rescue is coming. Provide any lifesaving first aid intervention and protective cover if possible.

4.  District Responsibilities

  • The district will participate in any community-wide planning and preparation activities and establish district-wide procedures in conjunction with community agencies and organizations.

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