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1130-20 | Guidelines to Third Party Service for Students at Schools Regulation

Date Approved: October 18 2016
Date Reviewed/Amended: October 18 2016

  1. All third party service to students at schools requires the approval of the District Principal, Learning Services (DPLS) or the Superintendent of Schools.  Access will be provided via the building Principal, the District Principal of Learning Services (DPLS), or the Superintendent of Schools.
  2. A meeting with the Superintendent and/or District Principal of Learning Services will be held prior to engaging with students or staff to:
    • Determine the role and qualifications of any third party not directly employed by SD52 who provides service or consultation to students and families. 
    • Ensure there will be no duplication of services currently provided by:
      • IUOE
      • PRDTU
      • Other staff
      • Other established local or Provincial consultants
    • Ensure a protocol exists and is followed for:
      • Involvement in the School Based Team
        • The Learning Services Teacher (LST) is the case manager for students with exceptionalities.  The LST organizes SBT Meetings, takes minutes, invites attendees, etc.  Communication with the Learning Services Teacher is imperative.
  3. We recognize there may be secondary or incidental usefulness of information sharing which may be done only where permissions have been granted by parents/guardian.
  4. Third parties provide support to families not the school system – unless incidentally.
  5. A current criminal record check is required as per any volunteer.
  6. Regarding observations in schools:
    • Prior to observations or visits at the school:  
      • Any observations must be approved by the school principal and/or the DPLS
      • Any observations must be coordinated with the classroom teacher, LST, school principal, or the DPLS
    • Following observations or visits at the school:   
      • Any reports prepared must be shared with the LST, school principal or the DPLS
      • Reports must follow ethical and confidentiality guidelines
      • Third party agencies may not make recommendations to Education Assistants or Classroom Teachers; any proposed recommendations must be discussed with the LST, DPLS, or school principal, and the LST, DPLS and/or  school principal will determine whether or not to implement those recommendations
    • The third party provider must:
      • Sign in and out at the office as per district practice
      • Request permission to attend the school in advance and recognize that there may be times which are not convenient based on classroom or other school activities
      • Provide parent permissions for working with the child to the school principal
      • Recognize our primary responsibility is to the student and their family
      • Leave the site if asked
  7. Third parties are to familiarize themselves with and abide by school district policies (which can be found on the SD52 website) and regulations regarding (these can be found on the SD#52 website:
    • Restraint and safety
    • Emergency procedures (fire drill, earthquake, lockdown, and hold and secure etc.)
  8. Third party agencies must act without conflict of interest.
  9. Insurance shall be held by third parties (coverage for accident and liability, including WorkSafe BC coverage).


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