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1160-40 | Independent Directed Study

Date Approved: February 21 2014
Date Reviewed/Amended: July 20 2017

Independent directed study allows students to earn extra credit at the grade 10, 11 or 12 level under the supervision of a teacher. Such study is intended to provide opportunity for in-depth study based on the learning outcomes of either Ministry developed or a Board authorized courses.

Independent directed study provides opportunities for greater flexibility in the education system by permitting students to pursue further studies of interest beyond those usually taught in the school course. This can take the form of:

  • extending the curriculum at a higher level;
  • addressing parts of the curriculum that have not been taught;
  • conducting an in-depth study of an aspect of the curriculum; or
  • doing more focused activities related to parts of the curriculum.


A.   Regulation

  1. Independent Directed Study is not a student entitlement. Students must demonstrate the ability to work independently before approval for independent directed study.
  2. The maximum value in one independent-directed study course is four credits.
  3. Credit earned through independent-directed study will be applied only to the elective requirements for graduation.
  4. The student and the supervising teacher are responsible for the development of the independent directed study plan.
  5. The Principal must approve the study plan prior to commencement of the independent directed study.

B.  Study Plan

Students are not required to be enrolled in, or have completed, the specific course in order to be considered for the opportunity to participate in an independent-directed study related to the course.

An independent-directed study must be principally based on the Learning Standards of the course.

Students will be involved in the design, planning and evaluation of their work. With the support of an educator each student will develop a plan for completing the independent-directed study. This will become part of the Student Learning Plan and include:

  • a process for ongoing facilitation and assessment of student progress;
  • a criteria for determining successful completion of the independent directed study; and
  • an agreed upon credit value (up to four credits) for the proposed independent directed study.


C.    Assigning and Reporting Independent-Directed Study

When a student has completed an independent-directed study, the results will be reported in the subsequent reporting period using a letter grade and a percentage and will show the associated credit(s).

The independent-directed study code will indicate the course on which it is based.

Students will receive provincial course credit when the independent-directed study is based on a Ministry developed course; students will receive local course credit when the independent-directed study is based on a Board approved course.

An independent-directed study based on curriculum will be recorded as a credit at the same grade level as the underlying course.




Ministry Policy - Earning Credit through Equivalency, Challenge, External Credentials, Post Secondary Credit and Independent Directed Studies