Policies, Regulations Forms and Bylaws

4310-42 | Injuries to Students and Members of the Public

Date Approved: August 26 2015
Date Reviewed/Amended: November 16 2015

Accident or Incident Reporting—All Employees

  1. As soon as possible after the event, report verbally to the appropriate supervisor any student or public injury they have witnessed or become aware of.
  2. Follow up within 24 hours with the completion of the Report Section of Form 4310-40A Incident Report and Investigation.
  3. Should there be a requirement for first aid, call 911.  The First Aid Attendant is in place to treat injuries to employees, not injuries to students, volunteers and the public; but they may be called for a life-threatening emergency.
  4. If the First Aid attendant provides assistance, they will fill out the WorkSafe BC Form 7A (First Aid Report).  This form is filed by the school secretary.
  5. The Principal will ensure that parents or guardians are informed of a student injury as quickly as possible.
  6. All accidents or incidents involving any person who is not an employee (including students, volunteers and the public) will require the online Incident Report form from the Schools Protection Plan Risk Management Program to be filled out and submitted by the site supervisor and/or their secretary.


Accident or Incident Investigation

  1. After receiving notification of an injury to a student, volunteer or member of the public, an investigative team comprised of the site supervisor, the teacher and, if needed, another representative should, within 24 hours of the notification, conduct an investigation of the incident using the Investigation Section of Form 4310-40A Incident Report and Investigation.
  2. The incident will be reviewed collectively, in a constructive way, recommending corrective actions and/or procedures to help prevent the recurrence of similar incidents.
  3. The incident investigation report shall determine:
  • the place, date, and time of the incident;
  • the names and job titles of persons injured;
  • the names of any witnesses;
  • a brief description of the incident;
  • a statement of the sequence of events which preceded the incident;
  • identification of any unsafe conditions, acts or procedures which contributed in any manner to the incident;
  • a determination of the cause or causes of the incident;
  • recommended corrective actions to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents, and
  • the name(s) of the person(s) who investigated the incident.

      4.  Any supervisor who requires assistance or advice in conducting an accident/incident investigation should contact the Director, Human Resources.

Debriefing of Incident

  1. The supervisor will review Form 4310-40A Incident Report and Investigation at a staff meeting.
  2. For serious incidents that could have general application to other schools, the supervisor will submit the Form 4310-XX – Incident Report and Investigation to the Superintendent.
  3. The Superintendent will review the Form 4310-40A Incident Report and Investigation and share the findings at the monthly Administration meeting.
  4. The supervisor will follow up with the injured individual, witnesses and the first aid representative to ensure their well- being.


Serious Incidents

  1. The supervisor must report to the Superintendent of Schools or Secretary-Treasurer as soon as possible when the incident causes any serious injury (i.e. resulting in hospitalization).

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