Policies, Regulations Forms and Bylaws

6610-10 | Making Policy and Regulations

Date Approved: April 24 2014
Date Reviewed/Amended:

1. Overview and Definitions 

  1.1. The Board is concerned with the proper discharge of its responsibilities under the School Act and with the wide exercise of the powers which the Act confers. It believes it can discharge its responsibilities and exercise its powers best by limiting itself as far as possible to the determination of policy governing all aspects of the operation of the school system and holding the Superintendent and Secretary-Treasurer responsible for ensuring that the Board's decisions are carried out. 

  1.2. The following definitions apply within this regulation: 
          1.2.1. A “Policy” is a principle of governance selected to guide and direct present and future decisions. Policies should be broad enough to indicate a line of action to be followed by the administration and narrow enough to give clear guidance. Policies are guides for action by the Superintendent and Secretary-Treasurer, who then implement appropriate Regulations. 
          1.2.2. A “Regulation” is a specific direction to school district personnel and guidance to parents for accomplishing a direction established in Policy. 

2. Planning 

  2.1. The Policy Committee will approve a work plan for the development of new Policies and for the review of existing Policies. 

  2.2. The work plan will take into account:
         2.2.1. requests for new Policies or changes to Policies; 
         2.2.2. changes to statutory requirements; and 
         2.2.3. research by the Superintendent and Secretary-Treasurer. 

  2.3. The Superintendent and Secretary-Treasurer will approve a work plan for the development of new Regulations and for the review of existing Regulations.Page 2 of 3 

3. Development 

  3.1. The Policy Committee will review proposed drafts of new Policies and of amendments to existing Policies. The Committee will then recommend these drafts to the Board at a regularly scheduled Board meeting. 

  3.2. When appropriate, the Superintendent or Secretary-Treasurer will seek legal or other advice on the intent and/or wording of a Policy. 

  3.3. The Board of Education endorses the process of involvement and therefore in reviewing Policies shall receive input from all concerned groups. If and when a new Policy is drafted or an existing Policy is amended, draft copies will be sent to all concerned groups for their input; and a waiting period of two weeks will be allowed for this input; before final adoption by the Board. Concerned groups will include: 
         3.3.1. Trustees 
         3.3.2. PRPVPA (administrative officers) 
         3.3.3. PRDTU (teachers)
         3.3.4. IUOE (support staff)
         3.3.5. DPAC (parents)
         3.3.6. Aboriginal Education Committee 
         3.3.7. other community partners, when appropriate. 

  3.4. The Policy Committee will consider all input received and then review revised drafts of new Policies and of amendments to existing Policies. The Committee will then report on the input received and recommend the revised drafts to the Board at a regularly scheduled Board meeting. 

  3.5. The development of Regulations is the responsibility of the Superintendent and Secretary-Treasurer. All Regulations must be in accordance with Policy. When appropriate, draft Regulations or amendments to existing Regulations will accompany proposed Policies and concerned groups will be asked to provide their input on these draft Regulations. 

  3.6. Normally, the Board will not be concerned with Regulations. In some cases, however, it may provide the Superintendent and Secretary-Treasurer with advice regarding Regulations. 

  3.7. Any additions to written Regulations or updates to the Regulation manual will be communicated to the Board in a timely manner.Page 3 of 3 

4. Implementation 

  4.1. Adoption of a Policy will be by Board motion. 

  4.2. Adoption of a Regulation will be effected by the publication and distribution of the Regulation by the Superintendent and the Secretary-Treasurer. 

  4.3. The approval of a Policy or Regulation for inclusion in the manual suspends any previously adopted Policy or Regulation relating to the issue covered in the approved Policy or Regulation. 

  4.4. All Policies or Regulations in effect shall remain in effect until new or revised Policies or Regulations are issued.  

  4.5. All Policies and Regulations shall be posted on the District's website and distributed electronically to all principals and Board Office staff. 

5. Evaluation 

  5.1. Policy making is a process, not a project to be finished within a year or two. It is a way of life of a Board of Education. So long as the Board spends money, operates schools, hires teachers and educates children, it will need to make Policies to guide itself and those for whom it is responsible. 

  5.2. The Board of Education will, through the Policy Committee, review each Policy on a regular basis. 

  5.3. The Superintendent and Secretary-Treasurer will review each Regulation on a regular basis. 

6. Board Decisions 

  6.1. In the absence of existing policy, the Board may make decisions, by resolution, on matters affecting the administration, management, and operation of the District. Such decisions carry the weight of policy until such time as specific written policy is developed.