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1350-10 | Medication for Students Regulation

Date Approved: April 24 2015
Date Reviewed/Amended: July 31 2019

  1. Administration of Medication
    1. Form 1350-10A is to be used for students with an identified health problem:
  1. which makes it necessary for them to take medication while at school,
  2. who require this medication over an extended period, i.e., for at least one month, and
  3. who need assistance or supervision from school staff in order to take their medication, or
  4. who may require emergency medication for an anaphylactic reaction.  (Parent completes “Student Medical Alert” – Form 1350-10B)
    1. The parent or guardian will submit the form to the school Principal, or delegate, when the student is registered, or when the parent indicates that the medication is required at school.
    2. The parent or guardian completes Section "A" and takes the form to the physician to have Section "B" completed.
    3. The parent then completes Section "C" and returns the form to the school.
    4. The school sends the form to the Public Health Nurse (PHN) at Northern Health.
    5. The PHN reviews the form to ensure that the required information is complete and that the instructions are clear. The PHN may, if necessary, contact the parents or physician for further clarification.  The PHN dates and signs Section "D".  An extra space is provided in case there should be reason to revise or clarify instructions during the school year.
    6. Section "E" is for the convenience of the school and is intended to ensure that the person responsible for giving or supervising the medication has all necessary information. Several spaces are allowed as this person may change throughout the school year.

Any employee responsible for administration of a medication must review the information on the form and date and sign the form in Section "E". Any employee may refuse to accept responsibility for the administration of medication.

  1. Section "F" is for the training documentation to be entered.
  2. Section "G" is the section for the schedule of administration for the medication to be entered.
  3. The completed request form is to be kept in the school in an easily accessible place as determined by the Principal.
  4. A new request form should be completed each September and the previous one destroyed.
  1. Medical Alert Form
    1. Student Medical Alert Form 1350-10B is to be completed by the Parent or Guardian and information is shared with staff. The form is kept in the school in an easily accessible place as determined by the Principal.

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