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1440-10 | Multiculturalism Regulation

Date Approved: May 29 1990
Date Reviewed/Amended: July 19 2017

Definition: Culture is an expression of a person's heritage through such variables as religion, family, home, community, language, dress, aesthetics and recreation.


Students of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds shall have the opportunity to develop their educational potential in the School District.

The population of the district's schools consists of people from varied ethnic and cultural backgrounds. This mix of cultures provides a potential environment of greater understanding and respect for the various cultures within our community.

Respect and acceptance of the many cultures within our schools encourages the development of awareness, understanding, and respect for others of different ethnic, cultural and linguistic heritages. In this regard the district encourages and is receptive of community input.



  1. Teachers and district staff are encouraged to develop locally initiated projects to recognize the multicultural nature of their school and this district and which foster greater understanding and respect for the various cultures in our community.
  2. Principals are encouraged to facilitate inservice on the various cultures in their schools.
  3. Principals, where appropriate, should make use of various cultural groups as a resource in providing inservice or developing programs.


  1. Schools shall make their communities aware of their practices on multiculturalism.
  2. Each school, through its code of conduct, should ensure that staff, students and families are aware that verbal exchanges involving racially and ethnically derogatory terms are not acceptable.
  3. Resources of the school-community should be used in the effort to develop good cross-cultural relationships.


  1. Schools should develop resource materials and library holdings to support multicultural teaching and reflect cultural and ethnic diversity.
  2. An inventory of multicultural resources will be made available to teachers.
  3. Schools, in selecting ancillary teaching materials, should ensure they are not culturally biased or racially stereotyped.



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1440 - - Diversity and Inclusion Policy