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5120-10 | Naming Regulation

Date Approved: March 08 2022
Date Reviewed/Amended:

In consideration of the naming of a school or part of a school, the Superintendent will appoint a naming committee that will include:

  • A trustee
  • A member of executive staff
  • The director of operations
  • The school principal
  • A representative of the school's teaching staff
  • A representative of the school's support staff
  • A representative of the school's Parent Advisory Council
  • A representative of the Indigenous Education Council
  • A representative of the local community, if possible
  • A student, if appropriate
  1. The naming committee will seek input from the school community and the community at large. A list of up to three names, each with rationale, will be provided to the Board for their consideration. For a new school, this list should be provided to the Board no less than six months before the scheduled opening of the school.
  2. The naming decision will be made at a public board meeting.
  3. Proposals for renaming a school, or for naming part of a school in recognition of an individual, must be made in writing to the Superintendent.  If the Superintendent agrees that the proposal has merit, a naming committee will be formed to review the request and make a recommendation to the Board.
  4. If a request is made to name a school, or part of a school, in recognition of a financial contribution to the school district:
    1. the process outlined in the Provincial Naming Privileges Policy must be followed;
    2. the donation must represent a significant portion of the cost of the school, or the part of the school to be named; and
    3. the proposed name must not:
      1. have a negative impact on the image or reputation of the school district;
      2. imply endorsement of a specific commercial product.
      3. imply endorsement of a partisan political, ideological or religious position; or
      4. be associated with an unhealthy lifestyle;
      5. convey a message that might be deemed to be prejudicial, in contravention of the Human Rights Code;


Province of British Columbia Naming Privileges Policy

5120 - - Naming Policy