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5220-20 | Coast Mountain College Use of Schools and Equipment

Date Approved: March 20 2014
Date Reviewed/Amended: October 25 2019

The use of schools and equipment by the Coast Mountain College (CMC) may be permitted for delivery of a designated credit course or program.  An Addendum to the Master Agreement between CMC and the School District is required.  The Master Agreement and Addendum will set out the terms, including the responsibilities of CMC and the district, for that designated credit course or program.

Occasional use of schools or equipment may also be provided in conjunction with a CMC course, program or event.  Regulation 5220-10 Use of Schools, Grounds and Equipment will be utilized to approve any occasional use.  Principals will ensure that proper care and use is made of school facilities.  Where there is a difference of opinion between the Principal and the College representative, the Principal will refer the matter to the Superintendent of Schools.



5220               Use of School, Grounds and Equipment Policy

5220-10         Use of Schools, Grounds and Equipment Regulation

5220 - - Use of Schools Grounds and Equipment Policy

5220-10 - - Use of Schools Grounds and Equipment Regulation