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3620-10 | Protection of Building Envelopes and Interior Finishes

Date Approved: February 19 2015
Date Reviewed/Amended:

To ensure the protection of building envelopes and interior finishes so that the life span of such are maximized, these Regulations will be followed.

  1. Use tack boards only to display student work and other poster material.
  2. If fastening materials to finished walls, etc., use no mar materials (no scotch tape, nails, staples, etc.).
  3. Clean chalk brushes using vacuum cleaner (do not use exterior of building).
  4. Murals, paintings, etc., shall not be applied directly to the building fabric (separate panels or hung canvas should be used).
  5. See Fire Prevention Regulation for information pertaining to tackboards.
  6. Activities such as floor hockey will be permitted in school gymnasiums providing equipment used for the game will not damage the floor surface.