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1370-10 | Physical Restraint and Seclusion Regulation

Date Approved:
Date Reviewed/Amended: February 28 1995


The Board wishes to maintain a safe and secure environment for students and staff. In order to achieve this general goal, the Board accepts that on the occasion when the uncontrolled physical actions of a student: 

a) threaten to cause harm to self: 
b) threaten to cause harm to others; 
c) threaten to cause harm to property;  it may be necessary to physically restrain the student. 

When restraint is used it will be used with the least amount of force necessary to protect both restrainer and restrainee. 

Definition: Physical restraint is a judicious control measure applied temporarily to a student for the protection of that student, others or property, when in the opinion of the supervisory adult the threat of harm is immediate. 

Physical restraint should only be used in situations when there is an immediate risk to the student, others or property due to the uncontrolled physical behavior of the student. 

Restraint will only be used when the restrainer does not believe that safe control can be established in any other way. 

Physical restraint may be used inside or outside of the classroom and may be performed by any supervisory adult. 

The following guidelines are to be followed regarding the restraining measures themselves, the debriefing procedure to be used and the documentation of the incident. 

Restraining Measures 

Prior to imposing restraining measures, the restrainer will inform the student of the process that will be used. 

When possible physical contact should be conducted: 

  • with controlled, calm and reassuring statements for the restraint and describe the necessary behaviour for ending the restraint; 
  • with the least amount of force to protect student and restrainer; 
  • with the least amount of disturbance to the rest of the class; and 
  • in the presence of another adult when possible. 

Teachers and child care workers of students who have been identified as having a recent history of violent behaviour should be inserviced regarding appropriate restraint techniques. This training is to occur as approved by the District Principal/Director of Instruction who is responsible for Student Support Services. 

Parents/guardians of students who have been identified as having a recent history of violent behaviour shall be informed of the restraint techniques to be explored by the child care worker and/or teacher. 


Debriefing should occur immediately with the student so that both the restrainer and the student are comfortable with the resolution and that the student is encouraged to: 

  • state what happened; 
  • state the behavioural rule or expectation; and 
  • state a more appropriate behavioural plan. 


Documentation and review includes: 

  • time and location of incident; 
  • written statements that lead to and describe the incident and the resolution (direct quotes are advisable); 
  • notification of restraining to the principal should be done as soon as possible; 
  • the principal shall arrange for the parent/guardian to be notified as soon as practical after the incident; 
  • names of all people involved or witnessing the incident; 
  • debriefing with personnel directly involved in the restraint; 
  • if restraint is required more than once, a meeting with concerned personnel and parent/guardian in order to discuss future strategies; 
  • if restraint occurs in a public space, persons in charge (e.g., manager of the Civic Centre, manager of the shopping mall) should be informed of the situation whenever possible; 
  • include WCB documentation when appropriate. 

(Please refer to Prince Rupert School District Violence Prevention Manual page 17, “Dealing with Violent Students” for further information.) 


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