Policies, Regulations Forms and Bylaws

1110-30 | Review of Instructional Materials

Date Approved: April 11 2014
Date Reviewed/Amended:

In the event that an individual, or group, objects to the use of a particular learning resource in a school, the following procedure will be followed:

a)   The Administrative Officer of the school concerned will arrange to discuss the objection with the complainant, and the librarian and/or the teacher concerned.

b)   If the above discussion does not satisfy the complainant, the Administrative Officer will provide the complainant with a Request for Review of Instructional Materials form, instruct the complainant to complete the form and submit it to the Superintendent of Schools.

c)   The Superintendent of Schools will appoint a review committee consisting of an administrator, a school librarian, two teachers, a member of the public-at-large and a trustee.

d)   The committee will examine and consider the learning resources being objected to on the basis of:

  • overall purpose
  • timelines of permanence
  • importance of the subject matter
  • quality of the writing/production
  • authoritativeness
  • reputation and significance of the author 
  • format
  • appropriateness for age/grade level concerned
  • bias

e)   The committee will meet with all school personnel concerned with the objection and with the complainant to explain its findings.

f)   The recommendation of the committee will be forwarded to the Superintendent of Schools for submission to the Board of School Trustees.