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3510-10 | School Closure Regulation

Date Approved: April 26 2015
Date Reviewed/Amended: June 01 2016

Preamble: School Districts are required to have a regulation that includes a public consultation process with respect to permanent school closures and this regulation must be available to the public.



  1. The Board will publicly announce by reading of a School Closure Bylaw at a Public Board Meeting that the Board will be considering the closure of one or more schools.
  2. A period of not less than sixty (60) days for public consultation will take place between the reading of the School Closure Bylaw and the Public Board Meeting when the final decision is made to close one or more schools.
  3. All persons or groups in the community who could be affected by a school closure should be made aware of the public consultation process.
  4. The Board will advertise the School Closure Bylaw in local newspaper(s) and will provide contact information to obtain information regarding the public consultation and decision making process.
  5. The Board will hold at least one Public Forum as part of the consultation process. The purpose of the Public Forum will be to discuss the proposed closure, provide information regarding the proposed closure, provide summaries of submissions, and listen to community concerns and alternative proposed options.
  6. The time and location of the Public Forum shall be appropriately advertised in local newspaper(s) and on the school district website to ensure at least seven (7) days advance notification to affected persons or groups in the community. Parents or guardians of students currently attending the school will be given written notification.
  7. The Board will provide information and directions describing how affected persons can submit written responses to the Board with respect to the proposed school closure.
  8. Consultation will be meaningful, and fair consideration will be given to all public input prior to the Board making its final decision.
  9. The Board shall make available the following information at the Public Forum:
    • Reasons for the proposed school closure;
    • The specific school(s) being considered for closure;
    • How the proposed closure(s) would affect catchment areas;
    • The general effect of the closure on surrounding schools;
    • The number of students who would be affected both in the school(s) being considered for closure and the surrounding schools;
    • The educational program/course implications for the affected students;
    • The proposed effective date for the closure;
    • The financial considerations of the closure;
    • The impact on the proposed closure on the School Board’s Capital Plan;
    • The implementation plans for the proposed closure;
    • Alternate options to the proposed closure;
    • Contents of written submissions presented to the Board by members of the community.
  10. The final decision to permanently close a school will be done at a Public School Board Meeting by voting on the third reading of the School Closure Bylaw.
  11. The closure of a school should not normally take place until the September following the final decision.
  12. Following a final decision to close a school, the Board shall provide written notification to the Minister of Education of the decisions and will include the following information:
    • The name of the School
    • The facility number of the School
    • The address of the School
    • The date the School will permanently close



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