Policies, Regulations Forms and Bylaws

5210-10 | School Participation in Community and Other Campaigns

Date Approved: June 12 2001
Date Reviewed/Amended: June 02 2017

The use of students to raise money for outside agencies should be kept to a minimum and each campaign should be given careful consideration with respect to educational value and time commitment.

Canvassing of teachers or students in the schools by any organization is not condoned, except as approved by regulation.

The following organizations are approved for student participation:

1.         Poppy sales for Remembrance Day.

2.         Salvation Army Food Hamper.

3.         Heart and Stroke Foundation for B.C. and the Yukon (Jump Rope for Heart)

4.         Canadian Cancer Society.


Other campaigns require the approval of the school principal and the Superintendent prior to school and or student participation.

School participation in community and other campaigns must adhere to the following regulations:

1.         Fundraising should not involve instructional time.

2.         Fundraising shall be voluntary on behalf of the students and staff.

3.         There shall be no competition for funds raised by students and/or schools, nor shall incentives be provided to students for raising funds.

4.         Participation in any fundraising, as described in these regulations, shall be at the discretion of the parent/guardian of the student involved.

5.         There shall be no door-to-door canvassing. Fundraising for outside agencies in malls or shopping centres is not permitted.

6.         Principals must ensure that it is the parents that determine if their child shall participate in any fundraising.



Except by express permission of the Superintendent the following activity is forbidden:

Promotion through the schools of commercial competitions of any sort suggested by outside organizations whether the competitions involve work to be completed during school hours or at other times. Competitions that are not commercial in nature require the approval of the School Principal.