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3610-20 | Seating as Regulated by the Fire Services Act

Date Approved: February 19 2015
Date Reviewed/Amended:

The number of persons and the seating arrangement for halls are regulated by the Fire Services Act and is summarized as follows:

Regulations Governing Occupancy, and Safety of Community Halls and Assembly Halls

Section 16  Number of Persons Admitted

(a)  No manager, licencee, or employee shall admit to any hall more than one person for each 12 square feet of hall floor area unless approved by the Fire Commissioner.

(b)  The owner or occupier shall cause a notice setting forth the maximum number of persons and conditions for which the premises were approved which shall be posted in a conspicuous place within the hall.  Such notice to be in a form prescribed by the Fire Commissioner.

Section 18  Seating

Separate and detailed plans and specifications of the seating in halls where seating is permitted shall be submitted in duplicate to the Fire Commissioner or the Local Assistant for approval.  All rows of seats on the main floor shall be spaced not less than 32 inches measured from back to back and rows of seats in any gallery or balcony shall be spaced not less than 30 inches measured in like manner.  There shall be not more than seven seats between any one seat and an aisle.  Where common chairs are used for seating, such chairs shall, at the discretion of the Fire Commissioner or the local Assistant be battened together or secured to the floor in an approved manner.

Section 19  Obstructions

  1. No person shall sit, stand or loiter in any aisle, stairway or passageway of any hall.
  2. No person shall obstruct or cause or permit to be obstructed, any aisle, stairway, or passageway in a hall by the placing of construction, or leaving of anything therein or thereon.
  3. The proprietor or person in charge of any hall shall not permit or cause any person or persons to do anything in violation of this regulation.