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1140-10 | Student Reporting Regulation

Date Approved: August 16 2017
Date Reviewed/Amended:

Student Reporting - Communicating Student Learning to Parents

All new reporting formats must meet the guidelines of the Interim Student Reporting Order and Board approval which will take into consideration the following factors:

  • Frequency and timing of reporting
  • Format/Template
  • Comments only reporting
  • Enhanced communication of student learning in relation to the standards
  • Communication to the school community
  • Reports on all Required Areas of Study as per Ministerial Order 295/95


Teachers not utilizing a Board approved method of student reporting are expected to follow the revised Schedule B. Student Reporting Policy as prescribed by the Ministry of Education. (July 2016)  

All K – 9 reporting in the district must meet at minimum the following outlined requirements of the Ministry of Education:

  • Students will receive a written summative report that addresses student progress in relation to the learning standards at the end of the school year or semester and includes all Required Areas of Study as per Ministerial Order 295/95.
  • Summative reporting will also include student self-assessment of core competencies with teacher support as well as descriptions of progress in relation to learning standards for Applied Design, Skills and Technologies & Career Education.
  • Current Permanent Student Record requirements must be met.

Approved reporting pilots are required to submit templates and communication plans that will be posted on the district website.

As approved by the Board all Grade 4 & 5 students will receive summative reports using a Performance scale.  Parents who formally request letter grades will receive them as an attachment to the summative report.



Ministerial Order 191/94, the Progress report Order

Ministerial Order 192/94, the Provincial Letter Grades Order

Ministerial Order 295/95, the Required Areas of Study Order

Regulation 265/89, the School regulation

1140 – Student Reporting Policy

1140 - - Communicating Student Learning & Reporting Policy

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