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2340 | Release Time of Staff to Act as Resource Personnel Policy

Date Approved: March 03 2015
Date Reviewed/Amended: April 15 2024

School district personnel may have an opportunity to act as speakers or consultants at educational conventions or conferences.

The Board approves in principle the release of such personnel provided there is no additional cost to the Board.

The Superintendent is authorized to approve such release time:

  • which will not unduly interfere with the duties of the person involved;
  • for limited periods of time; and
  • subject to the availability of a suitable replacement or other appropriate coverage.

Personnel may not speak on behalf of the district unless they have been delegated to do so by the Superintendent, in accordance with 6510 – Board Communications Policy.


2340-10           Non Instructional Release Time

2340-10 - - Non-Instructional Released Time Regulation
6510 - - Board Communications Policy