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2340-10 | Non-Instructional Released Time Regulation

Date Approved: February 19 2015
Date Reviewed/Amended:

Non-instructional days in schools should be for topics that achieve specific objectives. These objectives should be known well in advance so that appropriate planning, sharing of topics, and student/family planning can take place. For these reasons non instructional days will be applied for as set out in Regulation and approval obtained from the Board. 

Requests for approval of non-instructional released time are to be submitted to the Superintendent of Schools on Exhibit Requests should be submitted in time to allow for referral to the Board at either the 2nd Board meeting in September, or the 1st Board meeting in January. The Superintendent may approve any change in days scheduled for reasonable reasons. Changes in the objectives should be returned to the Board for approval. Parents should be informed of approved Non Instructional Days prior to October 1 and January 15. 

2340 - - Release Time of Staff to Act as Resource Personnel Policy